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Welcome to my personal website!

Buried within all these pages are many, many photographs.  

You'll find a lot of my photos of Cape Breton.  It's where my heart is and I'm always wishing I was back home.  My photos of Cape Breton bring back happy memories and for some of you they'll do the same thing for I know a lot of you come to my pages for a trip down memory lane.  I've just recently been to Cape Breton (July, 2012) and I'll be posting all the new photos that I captured.  I must have taken at least 3500 photographs...but don't worry, I won't be posting quite that many!! There's also a few Cape Breton recipes you may want to try out.

You'll find lots of photos of my artwork which includes acrylic on canvas, oils, papier mache and crafts.  I go through a lot of phases, and the lastest ones have been to do with papier mache for Halloween (maybe you'll get some ideas of your own from these).

Fondant Cake Decorating - This is fairly new for me, just within the last three years I have started decorating cakes with fondant.

Genealogy - I have gone back as far as I could with family trees with the help of some great family members that I've met along the way.  I'm not actively working on genealogy now but I may pick it back up at some point in the future.  I was also helping out with hosting the Cape Breton Genweb but with all my activity, it's become quite a juggle of my time.  

          I hope that you enjoy your visit and that it was worth your time.

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